Problems that can be found on x-rays?

X-rays are used to investigate problems with the jaws and teeth which can not be physically seen just by looking in the mouth. X-rays are taken at consultations when necessary so that the orthodontist can create the best treatment plan for each patient.

The orthodontic consultation process usually involves radiographic investigation of the jaws and teeth. These x-rays help the orthodontist to discover any problems that cannot be seen by physically looking into your mouth or at your face. There are many different types of x-rays that can be taken either within the mouth or around your face – examples of these are:

Panoramic radiograph
Panoramic radiograph
Skull or facial x-ray
Skull or facial x-ray
Intra-oral or mini
Intra-oral or mini x-ray of the teeth

Any of these x-rays can be useful for:

  • Diagnosis and classification – determining what your specific problems are
  • Determining your suitability for certain types of treatment
  • Planning treatment and predicting what the results are likely to be
  • Measuring changes to the teeth and bone which occur before, during and after treatment

Panoramic x-ray

This is a panoramic x-ray


Impacted Tooth
(Tooth stuck in the gum) This tooth is leaning against the roots of the other teeth which can cause damage.


Root Resorption
The root of the baby tooth has dissolved.


Root Position
Tooth root is in wrong position - this cannot be seen in the mouth.


Tooth Position
Tooth is leaning into the space.


Missing Tooth
There is no evidence of a tooth to replace the one that is missing. Some people do not grow all of their teeth.


Root Development
This root is not completely developed.


Wisdom teeth
Position of back teeth can be assessed including wisdom teeth.

Skull or facial x-ray

Skull or facial x-ray


Upper jaw and tooth position
Goofy appearance has resulted from upper jaw being too far forward and upper teeth pointing forward.


Lower jaw position
Lower jaw set back relative to top.

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